Prayer for Total Restoration – Finance, Health, Family and Devotion

by AVS (NJ)

Please assist me in praying that I obtain full financial restoration, employment as soon as possible doing what I love to do, a position much better than my last job and that I may receive favorable working conditions, a higher salary than at my last job and this time with excellent benefits for me and my family. I pray that I may be able to work closer to home so that I am able to spend more time with my family. Also that my employment is steady and with minimum stress! That I am able to keep our home, car, pay our obligations in full each month, for once to travel and my children are able to stay at their current school and do exceedingly well at school and give them peace, joy and wisdom during this challenging time.

Open doors that seem closed to us. Remove blockages that are put in place to harm us in all areas of our lives. Allow us to forgive ourselves and others for all sins. Restore our faith and commitment to GOD, by assisting us to find the right place of worship and place that we are truly welcome and to grow in our worship. That I obtain and marry the right person for me soon. Allow my children and me to see that prayer does work for us and GOD is real and Loves and Favors us. Amen

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