Prayer for total deliverance from debt

by Nontsikelelo (Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa)

Dear Lord Jesus, I pray for total deliverance from a debt hole I am in. I know I am responsible for the situation I am in today and I dragged other innocent people into my mess. Help me Lord and help those who were trying to help me but got themselves in my mud also. I appreciate all the blessing you have given me and I admit today that I got greedy and wanted more things for myself.

I don’t have anywhere else to go Lord, no bank will approve any loan for me but I pray Lord Jesus for a consolidation loan so that I can concerntrate on paying one creditor. You are my refuge, my stong tower, I run to you when thing don’t go well in my because I believe that with you everything is possible.

I pray believing that all shall be done in the name of Jesus Christ.


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  1. A short background of my prayers

    Am so happy that God has responded my prayers using you as the initial answer to it. Am happy though afraid that it might just end up in another misery to my life having to incur another debts to solve an existing debt. Admittedly, at present I am really in the bottom of financial crises with both family and personal health needs are in serious jeopardy. I have made huge indebtedness in my credit cards when my late father got hospitalized until he died in 2011. From that time on, I got no chance of paying it until now. One time, i got a call my the credit card company offering me another loan. They call it ” call for cash”. I grabbed the offer hoping I could invest it for a high earning investment only to realize that I became another innocent victim of a scam. It was then that I realized that I missed to ask the guidance of God before I entered into such transaction. I really felt guilty and sorry about it but what else can I do but to seek His help. It is then my prayer that your response in already the answer that i sought. God bless!

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