Prayer for Tornado Victims

by Wade (USA)

I am asking prayer for the Flood and Tornado victims, let God touch their lives in their time of need.

My wife had to relocate away from our home back to her hometown, due to financial struggles we had. We have been struggling for the last year and it has burden our marriage from our financial struggles. She moved back home 2 weeks from this Sunday, I ask the Lord to cure our struggles and guide our marriage with love. I pray my Lord to watch and protect over her and her children, to awaken her to the love I have for them place this upon her heart. Lay it upon her heart my Lord.
My partner (the man who brought me to see the light of Jesus and God) and I are attempting to venture into a new business. Lord, with your power and guidance we ask to allow this opportunity to be granted. The Lord has granted numerous miracles on this to us, from having project supported at the State level and with the allowing us in record time achieve this event, with having numerous key people by the Lords placement (with the majority of people who would say pure coincidence and luck), and having our state help with the financial support.

Lord, this opportunity will allow 250 potential temporary jobs, 80 permanent jobs, to contribute 10% of our profits to your will and to help those who are less fortunate, and with making a positive contribution to the community and to the state whole. If this should be your will my Lord, in your name we praise and glorify my God.

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