Prayer for Today’s Possible Hope

Dear Lord, Thank you for blessing me with some light good news. I have just received word that something that happened in Nov. and early Dec. with the time that has elapsed, all may be well and nothing to worry about.

The longer the time something has past the better things will be. That was the educated opinion of a friend who cares. I am thankful for your protection and your blessings. I may be out some money already. But, I maybe safe in another situation there so far and was told to wait until April. I am praying nothing later on comes back on me for I have done nothing wrong, Lord. I know you know my heart and know who I am.

You are awesome and great!! You have shown me the way and the light and I will continue to honor you all the days of my remaining life until I am with you in heaven. I needed to be shown that you love me and will always protect me, Lord. I understand your love for me now and know you have helped me through many bad situations in the past.

You have saved my life on many occassions including this one. I will always honor you and worship you, Lord. I am attending church to praise you, Lord. I need a church family to be supportive of me and I need to be supportive of them, as well. Thank you, Lord. I love you, Jesus. In your name I pray! AMEN

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