Prayer for those who feel Defeated and broken

by Stephanie (Texas)

Father God, please bring speedy and visible help to my life. My husband just got out of the military and he is looking for a job. My mom has allowed us to live with her while we get back on our feet but things have gotten bad. My mom and I have been fighting really bad and now my mom has begun lashing out to my husband.

She yelled at him very ugly and called him names as I sat there and cried. My husband or I can’t ever say the right thing or do anything good enough for her. She constantly puts me down. We are noo longer able to call this our home but we are stuck because we haven’t found jobs yet, have no money and have no where else to go.

Living u under my mom’s roof has become unbearable. She has turned what used to be our hom e into a warzone. My dad was always my alliance and he died 3 years ago. My husband and my two girls are all I have. I have a brother too but we are no longer close due to a fight alnost 2 years ago. I feel so helpless. I ask that a good employer call my husband as soon as possible and offer myhusband a good job so that I can now be a stay at home mom some place away from here.

We need to be our own family away from my mom whom is toxic to my life. Please help us lord. I beg of you. We are good people who love eachother and our jesus name I pray. Amen. Steph