Prayer for those who are im desperate need for finacial and protection

by Sonya M (South Carolina)

I need prayer for my children and my self for protection from my husband. He does not think he is abusive and does not think that he needs help. He put his hands on me last night and then when our son was trying to get him to leave me alone he wanted to go after him but i got in the way now my already bad back is hurting so bad and i think he has broke my wrist or my thumb it hurts so bad and its bruised.

I need prayer for protection from him and our enemys and those who bring more trouble and this guy and girl that are only aquaintances to me through my best friend they were talking to each other around my god daughter and were talking about catching me somewhere alone and her boyfriend said he was going to shoot me and she was talking about getting rid of me and i dont even really know them i am disturbed by this.

I also need a way to bring money into the home that i can take care of my family without having to beg for money from my husband. I am not able to work and have been a stay at home mom for twentyone years and need a way to bring money into the home so i can pay my bills and take care of my family and others like my best friend she is going to loose her house because they are behind on the payments i would love to have the means to go catch her payments up or just pay her house off without her knowing it was me.

Pray my husband will stop being abusive and selfish and a hypocrit and for him to just leave me and our children alone. My baby girl is terrified of her daddy and one our sons sees no wrong and the other hates him , I am afraid that our son who sees no wrong with the way his dad is will turn out to be an abuser like his dad.

Thank you and may many blessing come to you in return.