Prayer for Those Who Are Desperately Seeking the Right Path

by Jason (Gauteng, South Africa)

Dear Lord I know that I have sinned against you and that I have lived a life of shame for which I am regretful. But I also know that you are the God of a second chance and I am placing myself in front of your door asking for forgiveness; and for You Master to lead me onto the righteous path.

Lord there are massive stumbling blocks in my life and I ask of You to remove these so that I can find a job again and be able to care for my family again. Lord you are the master-key to every door in this life,only You can open or close a door to us, and I pray that you will open the doors to a better life and salvation for me.

Lord, I also admit that there are times when I started to lose faith and trust in You, thinking that You are unable to care for us like You said You will but hope and faith pushed me through again.

Lord I pray that you bless each and everyone of us according to our needs and not to our “wants”. And that we learn not to just run to you when we are in trouble but to always lean on you through the good and the bad.