Prayer for those who are chained to a capitalist economy unwillingly, yet wish to serve god

by Allen (California)

I would like to pray for my friends, family, and myself. for those struggling with finances who are either in debt or without means of survival at the moment or near future: Asa, Hanna, Jamie and Tony M, James P, Steven (and his friends), jamie and simo, Chris S, Chris D, Peter, James S, Linda and steven B, Jay R, Jasmine, DJ, Kathy, and Mondo.

please for all the people listed here I pray first that our lord in heaven leads us to persistent faith in his calling(for those who have yet to receive christ as well as those struggling with their connection with god). all of these people have touched my life as giving, loving individuals who with recourses would willingly seek to help others more than they have already. these people seek jobs that are fulfilling, honest, and for many of these listed financial stability and a miracle where they have none currently. Some of the people listed have lost the will to seek answers.

I myself am so overwhelmed by debt and the sadness brought on by helplessness that I am losing my ability to think productively. I pray somehow for time and clarity, as well as resilience to being worn out already by life’s challenges, in order to be released from the debt we all hold like a chain. so that we may serve you and express our joy and love to each-other as you have taught us to do.

For those who are far from God yet express their deepest empathy for their fellow man in a christ-like manner, I pray their efforts are not in vain and they accept christ in their hearts, Amen.

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