Prayer for those Struggling to Have Peace & Kindness in their Hearts

by Celine (West Reading)

Dear Lord, lately i’ve been struggling and praying for peace, kindness and patience for those who love me, but who i don’t seem to give respect or appreciation back. I pray that you will help me specifically to reconnect my love with my boyfriend / sons father of 2 years again.

I feel like i take advantage of his kindness he has for me. He’s such a good man, and always bends backwards for me and our son Makai whenever we need him. I pray that you will take away all anger, frustration and irritation out of my heart, and instead replace it with your loving presence and compassion in my heart. I can’t help but feel like the devil has taken over me when i act out or be very nasty with him.

Please help me live by the fruit of the spirits and always remember to treat those the way i’d like to be treated. Embrace my soul and give the love and peace and forgiveness that you have for each and every one of your children on this earth. Amen.