Prayer for those seeking employment and for my husband

by GCA (Oregon)

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I humbly ask for you to hear my prayer and all the prayers for those seeking employment. Please shower your blessings of meaningful employment to those on this forum. I pray especially on the behalf of my husband J.A.

He can get very discouraged and frustrated because he is unable to provide for his family. He has been unemployed now for almost 4 months. He has made some mistakes and admits to it and is sorry for them. He has a good heart and tries hard to remain positive and stay focused.

I ask on his behalf for you to please forgive his sins and not let them hinder him from finding a great job he deserves to be able to support his family. Not just his kids and I, but also his parents and grandparents who are also struggling. I know if he gets that great opportunity he’ll work hard and give wholeheartedly.

Help him to not feel discouraged and remain strong, and positive. Please let him know that you have not forsaken him. Please guide him in the right direction and lead him to do great productive work. He recently got interviewed for a bakery job. Lord if he gets this opportunity for employment I know he will strive to do his best for everyone he can help.

Dear Lord, if it is your will please Bless him with this job and career advancement. If this is asking too much or if this is not your will then please let the right opportunity come along soon. St. Joseph the worker, please pray with us and for us. Thank you St. Joseph for your prayers.

Thank you Dear Lord Jesus Christ for all the Blessings you have already given us, please hear my prayer and continue to Bless us with what you believe will be right for my family.

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