Prayer for those looking for Job

by Damilola (Nigeria)

The power in the Word of God makes me to understands that, what ever we declare and decree on earth shall be accepted in heaven. It this very day that is called today, I pray with in the powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ that everyone seeking for job will found one (Amen). They won’t just get a job, but our heavenly Father will provide a desirable job (Amen).

My Father your children have ask, seek and knock, provide for them in Jesus name (Amen). You have promise them and assure them that whenever they ask, seek, and knock by your name, you will answer them. Father answer them in Jesus name. I thank you for answered prayer. Everyone we have reasons to thank you and give glory back to you.

And I use this prayer has a contact to my life too, that as I seek your face for job, you will answer me Lord. And I believe our prayers has been answer in Jesus name I pray (Amen). Hallelujah!!!

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