Prayer for those in Prison

(houston texas)

want to pray for many who are in prison and who suffer and dont know christ and want to pray for the children and their families that they can provide for them and to pray for peace any many coutries and that the war will seize and to pray for those in nurising homes that they might get the best care and to pray for obama that he contiues to do a good job leading this us and to pray that our leaders will have the peoples best intrest at heart to pray that all my family can gather around friday and be a family and to be thankful for you lord and to pray for mr glenn and elkie and gi rolando and dome and also there families and to pray that the business will start to increase and we can suvive set backs and keep moving forward each day pray for aunt sandra and miller and cynthia and edward and to always remember edward jr and snooky grandpa and grandma and to pray for mama hodges uncle lee and many other family members i may not of mentioned and continue to focus on you lord your always in control of every thing pray for charles and in hopes hell understand to lie gets you know where forgive me of my sins and allow me to move forward with grace

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