Prayer for those In Need of a Job and Financial Assistance

by Teresa (Burna Park CA)

I ask my dear Lord” right now at this moment I am in distress in finding a job .And financial I ask in favor My Lord” that you may hear me and answer my prayers.Lord at this moment I am nervous and stressed by being evicted out of my apartment as well.

I pray for My dear Lord that you come to my rescue helping my husband get his disability check immediately before Wednesday.. I will be honor and grateful all that you do. May you have mercy on me and my home front. Heavenly Father as I cry out to you with so much of stress help me to help my husband and family with. a new job .

I ask you my father. My Lord hear my prayers be answered at your will. I ask that you place the hedge of thorns and protection over my apt 104 .Lord. I come to you at this hour of your call surrounding us with Prosperity,Abundance, Faith,Salvation ,

Hope that you are feeling heart with much FAITH and Hope. I want to say My Lord” thank you for all that you do. how you have given food when I was with out.. I know I have forsaken you and ask for your forgiveness Miracles do happen and I truly believe that your will be done. Lord I myself have cried out to you and you know my heart and needs to provide for my home and children.

Let it be so that I be that seed and sow for you” Heavenly Father” you are my Jehovah Jireh”
Thank you Lord for listening to my prayers.. Show Me Help Me Grant Me Thy Favor. In Jesus Name

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