Prayer for those in need during Exam times

by Kim (Su)

Father, Who am I to seek you, I am so unworthy so little and yet I costantly find myself relying on what I can do and what I will achieve alone. Lord, It is you who has given me knowledge and strength. Do not let me forget this for my ignorance and pride often hides this from me. Lord, despite my unworthiness, you choose to listen to me, and hear my prayers. Thank you Lord.

God, I find myself kneeling before you and being humbled through these difficult times. I know my exams are so insignificant in comparison to what others have to face with and other situations around the world but Lord, this is what I am faced with and struggling with at the moment. Lord give me that extra strength to continue and focus on what I am meant to learn and do in preparation for my exams. Lord I know that these exams in some way will be a part of what you have in store for me so let me see the bigger picture and most of all let me use the great potential you have given me. There is nothing impossible for you and I know that you are listening to my prayers right now, I need you Lord, I need you to carry my through my studies. Help me to set my priorites straight, to learn effectively. But most of all, Lord, take this fear of failing away from me. This constant pressure is breaking me apart and Lord, help me to let go and leave it up to you. Amen.

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