Prayer for Those in Love Yet in Despair

by CG (Texas)

Saint Jude I am in great despair. My boyfriend has had many highs and lows with depression over the past decade or so due to an unfaithful ex-wife. Over six years ago we dated and then he disappeared shutting me and at times his family out. Last July after those six years he came back to me.

Just recently I feel as if he is losing another battle. I know he loves me as I do him and my heart tells me he is the one. Those six years he was lost to the world I knew he wasn’t gone from my life forever. Please help us overcome his battle with depression and also that he let me in and open up to me and not shut me out.

I want to take care of him and show him that life is beautiful and too short to shut everyone out and that once passed time cannot be given back.

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