Prayer for Those Going Through the Toughest Moment in Their Lives

by Rodolfo (San Diego, California)

Disease, and injuries are what have plagued me for 6 long and depressing years. And two of my diseases I’ve had for the past 3 years. And two more of my injuries I’ve had for the past 2 years. Needless to say, it is a daily struggle trying to just keep sane and active.

But with the power of God and Jesus, all of this, I pray, will vanish and completely be cast out of my life, soon, so I can go on to be a functional, productive and completely happy person in society and under God’s wing. No matter how hard Satan, or evil and doubt tries to push me down, I will continue to hold steadfast to my beliefs, I will continue to remain positive, and I will continue to believe and pray and hope that one day I will be completely healed and cured from all of these illnesses.

That day I will wake up, thank God, and bow down to Him, because He delivered me from the darkest grave, and made the impossible happen with me. I pray that whatever it is you’re going through — be it health problems, relationship problems, socioeconomic problems (which I, myself, am not entirely free from) — that you find the absolute strength, courage, perseverance, and precise answer to everything that troubles you, down to the last worrisome thought.

May you be completely free, joyful, and empowered with the love of God and Jesus. Amen.

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