Prayer for This Time of Need

by C (USA)

St Jude Together With God Almighty, Virgin Mary And Our Guardian Angel..I Beg You To Please Hear My Prayers Now. I Am In This Time In My Life Where I Feel Scared. I Have Accumulated Too Much Debt, My Job Might Be In Jeopardy And I Need Your Help. I Know What I Did Was Wrong, I Gave Into Greed, Into Wanting And Wanting And I Know Now I Am Paying The Price. God You Know All My Fears, I Can Not Hide From You. For That Same Reason You Know My Regrets And How Much I Need You Now And Always. Please Be Here For Me In This Time Of Need, This Time Of Fears And Help My Family And I Get Out Of This Terrible Place We Are In. I Do Not Want To Seem Greedy I Know Others Are Going Through Rougher Times And I Pray For These Families Too. God But I Need You To Please Be Here For Us. Never Leave Us. Please Forgive Me And Always Walk With Me So I Will Never Commit This Sin Again. God Listen To All My Prayers Now And Always…..Amen

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