Prayer for the woman I love

by Armand (Garden Grove, CA USA)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please forgive me for all my sins I have ever made in this world. I pray to you for all my loved ones and my pets. Now dear heavenly father I pray for my relationship with my girlfriend Caroline. I love her so much. But now dear god due to my financial situation I have been unsuccessful to provide for her and to be worthy of her.

She has loved me deeply just as I have. But now dear father she no longer loves me. Please open up her heart to the sincere and true love I have for her. That she may realize that I am the love of her life and the man of her dreams. I love her so dearly dear heavenly father. I want so much that our relationship be the way it once was with so much love,patience and understanding.

Please father, grant me this prayer that my beloved Caroline can accept me once again and that we may once again experience that great love we had for such a long time.I promise dear father to love her with all my heart and to be a good husband to her.

And that we have a happy family filled with so much love.Thank you dear father for listening to my prayer . In the name of your beloved son Jesus I request all these things…Thank you dear father.. Amen