Prayer for the wisdom to apply this understanding in my marriage.

by Joe (San Diego, Ca)


I come before you, asking you restore the peace, love and understanding from days gone by. What we used to enjoy that came naturally to our marriage, takes now great effort to only be a shadow of what once was. I pray Father for the wisdom and understanding to straighten what has been bent in our marriage, before it ends up broken. Financial circumstances and burdens have strained our love for each other.

Give me the guidance to be an example of your agape love. Help me to think before I say, and not always say what I think. I leave all my hopes,dreams,goals,priorities and future in your hands. Help me to trust,love and obey You through the things we are growing through. Growing through the difficulties of life, asking now what for in these times, instead of why me? What would you have me learn? What do you want me to gain in this situation? What would you have me loose? Your character in me is not only defined by challenges, but more importantly reveals who I am in you.

I ask for the wisdom to apply this understanding in my marriage. Many times we know what to do, but lack the wisdom to keep applying it each day. In Jesus name, help me loose more of me more each day and gain more of You in our marriage. Make this one remember what I ask for, live for, hope for, is that the two live as one. AMEN.

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