Prayer for the wellness of my whole body.

by John Bryan (Antipolo City, Philippines)

Lord God, I’m so thankful that I live everyday with lots of blessings from YOU. Lord I’m a sinner and yet you keep on forgiving me with all of my sins. Lord, I come before YOU and ask for your kindness and blessing, I ask for the healing of all the abnormalities that I am experiencing with these past few months.

May YOU heal me with all my muscle problems, the shaking and all the involuntary movements of my muscles in my whole body. May YOU also heal me with my eye problems and condition, may YOU please heal the feeling of being outbalanced, the dizziness and headaches that I am always experiencing and the instability that I experience every time I stand and walk.

LORD may all of these abnormalities be healed. It affects my everyday living and I know that what I entrusted with YOU and what I ask shall be given. I greatly trust YOUR healing power and love for me. I thank YOU in advance my DEAREST LORD GOD. All these I pray in the name of your son Jesus who is with us always.


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