Prayer for the Weak and Heavy Burdened

by Genuine (Birmingham)

My prayer is for strength. I would like the community members to say an extra prayer for me during the many trials that are in my life. I have been married for 16 years and through the entire marriage, I have been unhappy. There are so many incidents that has happened which has pulled me further, and further away from my husband.

I do not know what the Lord has planned for my life, but I know it is a plan that only He can design.
Lord, I come to you because you are the only help that I know. You said in your word to bring all of our burdens to you, and you will handle them because you care for us. I also know that the battle is not mine, it is yours. Please Lord listen to my prayer and correct the things in my life that has me troubled.

I know that you want your children to live a happy and blessed life. Please hear my prayer Lord, and answer me. I am weak and I am tired.

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