Prayer For The Way Out of Financial Distress

by Raina (Atlanta GA)

God, we’ve reached the end of our rope so many times these last 4 years since we both lost our jobs in 2009 but You gave us the strength to tie a know and keep holding on. We’ve held on through houses lost, cars lost, credit ratings destroyed, family members dying one right after the other 4 months in a row, in laws trying to destroy our marriage,

folks saying they would help us only to pull the rug out from underneath us again, unscrupulous bosses that steal wages from my husband, friends that we pray for and You answer their prayers only for them to claim I’m jealous, heartbreak over world events and the deaths of children at the hands of cowards, ugly estate matters where surviving siblings lie, cheat and steal, then call DFACS on me just to be ugly, sicknesses, depression, despondency, chronic stress, three miscarriages, child born 6 weeks early, other child having seizures and a crossed eye, no medical insurance, insurmountable debt, dreams broken, hopes dashed, no rest, no vacation, no time off, no time to ourselves, never having enough money to meet our needs, total unemployment for me,

constant judgment from friends, getting enough to file for bankruptcy for me and the lawyer’s office gets hit by lightning so I still have no relief and family who never lost a job and the selling off of every single possession just to stay afloat.

Add in our own sins of not knowing how to manage money, allowing each other to take on too much debt, not forgiving the people who hurt us and staying far away from You and Your church when the burden got too heavy to bear.

God, we need a change. We need a total financial makeover and not the kind Dave Ramsey talks about. We don’t know where to start and the strain of the last 4 years has just about killed our marriage and our family. We are tired and worn out from crying, straining, stressing and closed doors. We are weary of trying to think of a way out.

Come help us now. It’s too much to bear now. At least we agree on this point.