Prayer for the Uncertain Heart

by J (Tucson, Az)

Almighty God please hear my prayer,

Lord my heart is saddened and I am miserable. My relationship with my partner is uncertain. Please help him overcome the challenges he is facing in his life so that we may move forward in our quest to build a happy home.

Please show us the guiding light to our destined paths, whatever that may be. Please give me the strength and knowledge to direct him to you, Lord. Only you can give him peace. Please help him find an outlet in me to vent his frustrations in life so that I can direct him to you.

Please fill our hearts with love and respect for eachother. Allow us to trust in one another as I trust in you Lord. Please give us the strength and the courage to show each other their worth. Teach me to hope, but not to expect. Thank you for blessing me with such a beautiful man and his children. Thank you for all my blessings and all that you have spared me from.

Please continue to show me the light to my destined path. I may not understand the reasons for my trials and tribulations, but I accept my cross to bear faithfully. I love and trust you Lord.

In Jesus’s name, I pray. Amen