prayer for the two men I love

by Dominique (PJ)

Dear Lord,

This prayer is for this very special person in my life who has helped me open my heart to love for the very first time.
I am praying for his peace, that his heart might heal of any pain he might have suffered from in the past,
I am praying that you may open his heart to the necessity of expressing love, that he might find joy in allowing his emotions to soar above his control, that he might find the trust to love again.

I am praying for a beautiful, kind, Christ loving friend, person to come his way. That she might heal all scars with your help, that she might give him again the desire to marry and share the rest of their lives together. I am praying that his little boy will know the endless love and caress and protection of a soft, feminine mother again.

One who will care for his daddy and create a family in their home. I am praying for these two person in my life that I want most happy. I am praying that the Light that flows between us remains true and bright and that we may remain friends forever.In Jesus name. Amen.