Prayer for the Troubles to Be Cleared Out of My Life

Dear lord I ask with all humbleness to answer my prayers, I am a good person, I sometimes place myself at the wrong place at the wrong time. I am in some legal trouble in my life. I ask that you can help me and work your miracles to relieve me of this trouble o lord. I am with you completely and will do anything you ask of me.

My future and career will greatly depend on everything that happens. I am innocence of all wrong doing just at the wrong place at the wrong time. You O lord are my only savior. I am not sure what to do and am afraid. I leave everything in your hands. I know I have not been the best Catholic I should be, I want to live the path you have set for me.

I also know there are way more people out there who have it ten times worse than I do. Lord please work your power and heal the trouble in my life I ask with all mercy that everything will be ok and back to normal soon. Words cant describe how much you mean to me Lord Jesus Christ.

I am in need of your miracles o lord. I cant really talk to my parents about my situation because it will upset them because of my stupidity, all i want is them to be proud of for them to see me succeed in the future..Thank you everyone I humbly as for your prayers.

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