Prayer for The Troubles that Bother My Family

by Sonya ()

I’m struggling financially very badly. I can’t catch my debts up. My mom is spreading lies about me & being two faced. She planning to sell the land & home out from under us . She isn’t in need of money & doesn’t want to help me & my children. She owns two homes & the land & home we have & two cars.

We have lived in the home on the land that that belonged to my great grandparents since our first child. This land has been passed down in the family & once she got her hands on it she wants to sell it out from under us . My grandma is the one who said that my family could live here as long as we need because it’s family land but after my grandma was called home by the lord my mother became greedy & two faced & wants to sell our home & land out from under us for the money alone.

Pray that something stops her from being able to sell the land & home. Pray that she stops telling lies on me & talking badly about me & my family. Please pray that I can get the money so that I can keep the land & home . The land belonged to my great grandparents & I want to keep it in the family like my grandparents wanted.

Pray for us please.

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