Prayer for the suitable job

by Katy (CA)

Dear Father God,

I am going through the anxious stage of job hunting, all the applications I sent seem to go unattended, the very few interviews that I went to just did lead to any successful outcome… I pray that Lord you will give me the strength to carry on, to not lose faith, I understand that you are testing my patience and ability to trust in you.

I know that I should leave all the troubles in life in your capable hands, and you will take care of everything for us. Give me wisdom lord, strengthen my trust in you, and help me not to lose faith in you. Grant me the patience to await your plan, and that eventually I will be able to find the job that can best suit my abilities, a place where I will find work satisfaction and people that I will enjoy working together with.

Lord, I pray that you will take away my worries, for i know there is nothing to fear in your love. I know that I am not alone in this journey, you are always walking beside me. I will take this time of life to learn appreciating what I have, and not what I have not got, be humble and selfless, for we are already so blessed to have you in our lives.

For the love of God, Amen..

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  1. Waiting for God's plan

    I am in the similar situation and share the exact same pain – anxiety, uncertainty, worry, impatience, etc. I deeply believe that God hears this prayer and trust he will answer it soon. May Lord take away all our negative feelings and grant strength and confidence in us, until the perfect job comes, in God’s will.

    Let’s continue to praise the Lord, and continue to pray, hold on to our faith and belief. I firmly believe Lord will work out a perfect fit for us soon, through his power and authority of this world.

    Let’s together wait patiently for God’s plan for our next job coming soon…

  2. Hope your prayer is answered soon...


    i can understand how you feel as i was like you, unemployed, anxious and worried about my family. fortunately for me, my prayer was answered and i have started work 3 weeks ago. though i took a pay cut, overall employment package was not as good as i used to have, i am grateful that i am back on the job.

    so, don’t give up and continue seeking. i am sure you will find your job soon. have you tried LinkedIn and seek your ex-colleagues help? if not, please start and hopefully you can find your job…that’s what i did and how i got my current job.

    i sincerely hope you will be out of the woods soon and in the meantime, take care.

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