Prayer for the salvation of the loved one

by Ammu (India)

All Grace and Glory to you heavenly father,

Lord, i pray for the man which i love..he is from a hindu get to know you and accept you as his personal saviour..not only him but his entire family….Lord i pray to come back to me at your right time..with 100times more love and care…

Lord let him know your love and grace…lord make him and family strong enough to accept you as your Lord and God…crores and crores of thanks in advance for all your love and grace
Lord kindly let both the parents agree to this marriage and make things happen
With eyes of faith I can see God is working behind the scenes.

Lord bless our marriage with your heavenly peace and transparency
Thank you heavenly father me and my family wil serve the Lord.

Lord I pray for him to be your faithful servant..God i seen miracles in several people life..I am waiting for the miracle in my life too…You are such an amazing father…

Nothing is difficult to you our God…
Thanking you in advance for the miracle you did….

Thanking you heavenly father for meeting him again on ur perfect time as a child of Jesus Christ.
Thanking you heavenly father for restoring our relationship and lead a wonderfull marriage life..
Thanking you heavenly father for working behind the scenes.

Thank you heavenly father for the temporary breakup so tat we can know Jesus more in our life and shaping ourself through to become the perfect couple as you desire
Thank you heavenly father for removing all the obstacles and binding whcih is coming on the way….