Prayer for The sale of existing business and start of new opportunities

by Nu (South Africa)

Dear God, I pray to you to please let the offer to purchase our business be valid and go through without hindrance and in our favour. Please let this potential buyer to be credible, honest and have the available funds to purchase our business. Please let him keep to his word that he will purchase our business and please let him return my message to him in a positive good manner that confirms all in on track for the sale in February.

Dear God, please clear the path for this sale to go through by the end of February 2014 and help us to find another highly profitable and viable business opportunity. Please help my husband and I to work together in a positive manner to make this sale go through happily for us and flip or us to be able to provide for our family.

Please God remove this stress from my life and grant me the energy and faith to move forward with my life in a positive way. Please bless my children, my mother, my brothers , business endeavors and my marriage.


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