Prayer for The Safety of My Loved Ones

by Shaun (St Neots, Cambs, Uk)

Please pray for myself and my loved ones as we havegone threw a tramatic expirence recently and it is tearing us apart as a family. On a personal note I feel as if all my peers are ahead of me in life while I still feel like I should be at school and do not belong in the adult world.

Also I was separated form someone I once considerd the closest thing I had to a best friend and who I loved a long time ago. I was abel to find her but as she was dateing I stayed away out of respect for my feelings and hers. Running into her by chance I managed to recoonect with her in attempt to be a friend only she had forgotten me and ignored me. Please pray that I can reconcile how someone I cared for so much can treat me like this.

I pray for you all

Kind regards