Prayer for the Safety of My Job and My Relationship with My Partner

by Sandra ()

I pray for all my colleagues and friends who are unemployed that they will find sucess and all will be well with them and their families now and always. I pray that I will always be employed; for the safety of my job and that I will never be a defaulter with my loan instalments, credit cards payments and anything that I owe to anyone.

I pray for the relationship between my partner and me that it will be blessed by the Grace of God always; that Godbwill be present in this relationship now and for all time, for eternity. I pray for the Graces that I most stand in need of. But most of all I pray for the success and happiness and safety for my children and all my family memebrs.

I pray that my Sister Lolo’s biopsy report will be negative and all will be well with her health. I pray for world peace. Amen

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