prayer for the safety of my family

by Hyleen (Philippines)

dearest lord,

i had a bad dream last night that my sister was one of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami happened in our place. Lord God I pray deeply and solemnly to you to let that not happen to my sister and to the rest of my family , let us be safe and be always kept safe from all the calamities that will happen, let us survive it as a family and no one will ever get left behind .

Lord I have a lot of plans for my family, I will do everything and sacrifice everything for them , for their happiness and i would really want and desperately needing your powerful shield to our family to be away from any dangers, sickness, disease, catastrophes , save us from those happenings, let not one of us be hurt .

lord, you and my family is the reason why i am motivated to live . please lord dont take me away from them, i love them so much lord god and i love you more also lord god.
please dont let that bad dream to happen lord god. please lord god i`m begging for it not to happen.
through your mighty and powerful name