Prayer for the Safety of Christian Girls

For the Christian girls (especially the one who is a solid Catholic) being “harassed” by their supervisor. His “incompetence” has been uncovered so he is trying his hardest without shame to undermine them to cover up for himself.

May his attempts to undermine them to his bosses to make himself look good be uncovered and may God change his attitude to see this is not the way. He was kind at one time, but being so beaten down by his superior, as a friend put it, “he has turned into this superior to gain her approval” not realizing she would turn on him in an instant.

May God intervene in this situation to save the good reputation of these solid Christian girls and uncover his deceit. May they not have to walk into work with dread, have true peace and shine above all as once before for the Glory of God.

Thank you so very much for taking this prayer request seriously because it is.

God bless all…

PS Also, that they be able to get their work done despite the constant hammering and conniving behind closed doors so they don’t get blamed for more.