Prayer for the right job

by Loraine (Durban, South Africa)

Lord send me the perfect job, with the perfect salary, the perfect boss and the perfect benefits and the perfect hours of work so that I can have time on a daily basis to spend with my children and spouse.

A job that I will be successful at and in which i can grow and add value. A job in which people / co-workers work as a team without envy and jealousy and help each other along. A company that is prosperous and always doing the right thing for the people, the environment and You Lord. A job that will not be stressful and that will allow me to have sufficient time to spend with my children, spouse and family.

A job that will offer a company car, and international travel. A job in which I can teach people and help them grow. I job in which my qualifications and experience will be seen as an asset and not as a threat to the bosses and employees. I pray this prayer in the name of Jesus.