Prayer for the Right Graduate Program

Dear St. Jude,

For years, I’ve been juggling graduate program ideas. I thought I’d found the right ones, but I always felt they weren’t enough. I felt like I’m missing something.

I’ve been looking at Pharmacy, Med School, Education, Engineer, but the last thing I thought of has been Business b/c I’ve always been deeply rooted in Science, and I thought this is where I needed to be. I know I’ve been switching around a lot, but I could never decide on the right area.

Until I came to work at my current place… I feel like everything is finally in place, but I’ve been unsure about a graduate program. Is the MBA-Healthcare Management the right one? Will I know? Will it be an easy application process? Will my recommenders understand? Is this the right one finally? The right one for me?

Please, St Jude help me. Thank you.