Prayer for the Return of my love and restoration.

by Jgrace (US)

God, you know who I am and why I have acted so poorly. Please help me to see the positive and make me in your image. Please let this new man in my life receive whatever he needs to believe that this love and relationship is true, unconditional love that he also needs and wants in his life.

I know I did things that drove him away, but I ask of you to help him see that I am nevertheless a loving committed life partner and companion who will be capable of working to rid myself of these things.

Please help him overcome whatever preconceived ideas about people and me he has and replace that with a desire to come back with open arms, compassion, love, acceptance and understanding that I am flawed but am worth having a relationship with. I know I have made awful mistakes in my life but I ask for your intercession to bring him back to me with the same love in his heart he has felt before and make him see I love him unconditionally and I am worth any risk, patience and chance.

I pray for a sign of hope as well. thank you God. Amen.