Prayer for the Restoration of Our Relationship


I ask for your grace upon me that I maybe able to discern your real plans for me. I have been regularly praying for me to have a clear mind and thoughts as to decide whether or not should I continue working out my relationship with my current man. I have sacrificed much for this, I committed a mistake in which he couldnt forgive me. Lord, I simply want to request that please give me enough wisdom on my current situation. Help me Father. I love this man so much that I want our relationship to be back just like before. He too has unclear mind at the moment. And I request that please do give us the clarity on this. You know what are the desires of my heart, we are happy when I don’t tend to be emotional but at times, I got hurt because of his words. Lord, please I love this man so much and I want him back. But of course this time I hope and I pray that this will last, and hopefully everything will turn out to be ok. Lord, please I’m asking for your complete intervention in my life. If it is really time for me to let go then please tell me now. I don’t want to hang on if this man will not fixour relationship. Though he said he will, but it takes time. Lord I ask for a matured mind and heart that I may be able to surpass all the challenges right in front of me.

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