Prayer for the Restoration of Our Family

My husband and I have become very distant over the past few years, I did try to discuss my feelings two years ago (nothing really changed) his job is very stressful, and he has been drinking a lot and going out with friends. He did seek counseling the other day, but from what I got out him, he went for me and the kids, and appears he didn’t discuss himself.

My heart aches for him to get better inside, which has caused me to feel hopeless and depressed. He tells me he is so confused with life, and seems to want to try to rebuild our marriage, but hasn’t committed to marriage counseling until I go talk to a counselor (I’ve got a call into one). We have two children, one who has a medical condition, and I’ve felt alone in her care and not much support from him. I know he loves me and the kids, he’s just lost, and that makes me sad. W

e don’t have intimacy, thou I’ve tried, and he tells me we will work on it, but nothing. He’s a faithful man, just very stressed, and told me he thinks he is in a midlife crisis, and even said he may need rehab for alcohol. I told him I was proud that he told me that. I’ve been trying to act normal, but can’t, and I know this makes him more distant.

Please pray for my husband to help him clear his mind, and come back to the marriage (he’s a faithful man…just confused with life right now), and making us and the kids a priority. Bless him for telling me he’s not running, just confused. Please pray for us so that we start communicating better/more, and that we seek marriage counseling (preferably a Christian counselor). Please give him strength to slow down the drinking and talk to his therapist about what’s really going on with him and rebuild our marriage to where it once was and stronger.

My hope/request is he will start opening up more and really show me he loves me by showing affection and intimacy. I love him with all my heart and soul, I pray he really starts to feel this from me and see me differently – a better person as I seek counseling myself. I request that the children get prayers too, as they will attend his 2nd counseling session, and i hope they open up and let him know their concerns about him and us (they are afraid of a broken home, and say he’s angry all the time and want him to feel better inside – he works too much, drinks, and gets grumpy).

I also am requesting prayers so that he figures out how to sleep better (he has sleep apnea and has two machines he doesn’t use). I hope for prayers to be a patient wife, as we go through all of this, and that i can stay strong and not be a nag. he really needs God in his life , as do! Thank you! God bless

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