Prayer For the Restoration of My Relationship

Lord, I am but an unworthy sinner. I am so sorry for having offended you in this life. Take mercy on me, for my heart is worthy. You, Lord, have blessed me with meeting my soul mate. Against all odds, we managed to come together and find one another. I never thought it possible to love one so fully and unconditionally.

I don’t know what happened, but J. walked away from our relationship without warning or notice, when everything seemed fine. I can’t get to him, as a continent is now between us. Please, take mercy on me…have him remember that we have a love strong enough to overcome this obstacle, whatever it may be. Have him remember the promises he made me, and that he make good on them.

I forgive him, for everything. I just want the love of my life back. Please, reunite us as a couple most urgently. I have no need for material things, Lord…all I want in life is to love him and be loved by him…it’s all the happiness in the world. Afford me this one grace lord…I shall be eternally grateful.