Prayer for the Restoration of my Marriage

by Niger (Bronx, NY)

Dear God I come to you as humble as I possibly can I’m asking you to please restore my family as a whole please let my husband open his eyes give him a humble heart Lord let him know that what you formed cannot be broken father place a cast on Satan place a bondage on his movement father send him back to the pits from which he came.

Father I come to you father asking for restoration of love peace happiness loyalty longevity in my marriage father as I speak these words father touch my husband spirituality father awaken his heart and soul father guide him in the right place father which is back home to his family burden him with getting his marriage right father place it heavy on his mind father let him think and act on the basis of love and purity rather than the basis of anger and pain place us back together with unity unite us again before your eyes father as a whole for I know things haven’t been perfect and I accept the fact that they can’t grant us the serenity to accept the things that we cannot change and work on the things we can.

Father I come to you humble whole hearted pouring out my heart to you asking you to please provide me with guidance and the necessary tools needed to make my marriage work I refuse to give up father my son asked me not to give up so I will continue to fight for my husband father please restore my husband genuine heart and remove all bitterness.

Please give him a vision of the good honest woman I am please let him see that I truly love him with all my heart and soul and that he is all I need in this life please father remove this cycle of negative energy from my circle surround us with nothing but love peace and happiness bless us father restore us father in your almighty name father let your work began in your name father I pray amen amen!

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