Prayer for the restoration of my marriage

by Monique (Dallas Tx)

Lord first let me start off by saying thank you lord for yet another day that wasn’t promised to me. Lord I come to humble as I know how. I have been fasting and praying for the restoration of my marriage. Me and my husband have both done our fair share to each other.

I have repented and asked for forgiveness . I have given my life to God and start waking in a night light. I pray that you save his soul before it is too late. The life that he is living is dangerous I pray for his protection. Place your whole armor of god around him and me. Let us be joined together as one in the Holy Spirit . Let us walk into our purpose together in Christ. Let us stay away from temptation . Let us be great role models for our children plz blessed to not have any more children on me .

Lord remove ever stronghold that is on him. Bless us to only be for each other. Let no man nor woman come in between the bond that we share . Remove all the home wreckers away from our marriage. Take away venges that are in my heart. Bless us to get over and let go of all the past hurt. Because our mistakes are taking a toll on the kids and we are raising little girls.

Bring back all the fun good times bless us to be way stronger and better than before remove all the extra out of our lives . And show the woman that is trying to come in between my marriage that god isn’t pleased with that. Show her the right way to live and send her her own husband and not mines .

Let my husband know I am the only woman for him. Bless us to keep god first throughout everything . Also lord just bless us with favor.


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