Prayer for the Restoration of My Marriage and Our Reunion

Heavenly Father, I pray that you please restore my marriage to my wife and that you heal the emotional wounds covering our marriage. My wife has recently separated from our marital home and has threatened the idea of divorce.

I ask that you soften her hardened heart, allow her to realize that our marriage can be saved and bring her back to our home so that we can connect and begin healing our marriage.

Please Lord, I beg you to show your grace and mercy upon my wife and forgive her for her rebellious ways. Please bring her safely back into my forgiving arms and allow us to rejoice and deepen the foundation of our marriage.

I cover her with the Blood of Jesus and I trust and believe that your Will be done and that your promise over our marriage will withstand from now until forever. I thank you Lord in advance and rejoice, as I know you are doing your work and restoring our marriage.

Thank you Lord!

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  1. I'm praying for your reunion

    I read your prayer and it describes how I feel. I am going through a separation that I initiated. I left the home, my husband as a result lost himself into alcohol & sex addiction. I pray that we are reunited and find our love and strength because together with God we could accomplish anything. I pray he finds it in his heart to also seek God and to ask for courage, wisdom, forgiveness, and resolution. I hurt deeply and although I thought I wanted it to be over I have realized that after a year that I do want my family reunited. I want to be with my one and only true love. I cannot imagine not having him in my life. I pray for you and your wife, may you be reunited through Christ. Thank you Lord for showing me this today that there are others who are experiencing the same sadness and pain and desperation that I am facing. Lord please touch our spouses and convict their hearts to turn to you Lord for their own guidance and solace. Lord please forgive us and them for submitting to temptation and give us a forgiving heart to welcome our spouses back into our lives with a pure heart, forgiveness, and excitement for our love and our future through you. Heal our wounds Lord, although they are invisible to others they are felt so deeply within. Give us patience and strength and guide our steps so that we know when and what to do by your command. Lord please be with this couple and bless their union and reunion as well as my union and reunion. You are the only one Lord who can turn all this around and we give our faith and love to you Lord. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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