Prayer for the Restoration of Marriage and Family

Heavenly Father,

I am praying for healing and restoration of our marriage. Please send your Holy Spirit to Mark for him to be healed and find his way back to us. Please touch his heart and remind him of all the sacrifices we have surpassed with You.

My heart is breaking every time our kids would ask me about their father. Both our son and daughter were so close to their daddy and I know that it will break their hearts if they get to know of our situation. We are raising two wonderful children and would not want them to feel we are incomplete.

As each day passes, it is getting difficult. Being apart from my husband, and raising two kids in a foreign country is challenging. But then I know you are always with us, You will never let go and You have better plans for our family. Please tell me dear Lord, what is it that you want me to learn from this situation? Continue to guide me and guard my heart with the works of the devil. I believe that you are working on Mark as well. I trust that you will heal us both in your perfect time.

My heart reaches out to you, dear Lord. Please continue to protect my kids while I am at work. Please give me all the strength I would need to raise my kids in the absence of my husband. I am praying for provisions as well. Please help Mark to use this time to heal, to realize what is worth, to be better, to be ready and be the man he had always wanted to be. I still believe that Mark is a good man, a great father to our kids and a loving husband. Please break any strongholds that he has right now, may it be his pride, ego, insecurities, hatred, pain, and all that the devil is telling him. But let him see the love, forgiveness, compassion, and peace in our hearts, in our family.

Thank you dear Lord and we love you so much.

This we ask through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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  1. Faith

    Good morning

    The Lord hears you i pray for you this

    Morning I know he is with you each day

    And your children he will see you through

    This and more please go to church each Sunday

    With your children

  2. To the Elect Lady...

    Father, in the name of Jesus, meet every need for this family by your riches in glory. Meet them and answer every prayer because she came to You. Not to a new man, snotty girlfriends with mouths full of lies. To You, where true help is found. Be a husband to the widow and father to the fatherless today. In all things be glorified. Amen.

  3. Marriage and Family

    I, like Mark, was lost but now I am found. I was searching for answers, meaning and purpose. I still search for answers with the help of Jesus. My purpose is to be an example to my children, to others and to serve the Lord. I pray for Mark to find his way. I pray for his family to have the strength to go on, to not lose faith and to forgive Mark when he finds his way. I pray for this dear Lord in the name of Jesus our savior.

  4. There is hope

    I want to pray for you and to encourage you that with God, all things are possible. He wants to restore Your marriage and family. I have been seeking restoration for my marriage and family for over 2 years. I recently came across This ministry has opened my eyes and answered so many questions I had. You are doing the right thing by seeking God first and wanting to restore Your marriage. It will be the hardest thing you have ever done, but with God, you can overcome and have the victory. Please check out the website.

    “Dear Lord, please guide this special sister during the trouble in her marriage. And her ears shall hear a word behind her saying, this is the way, walk here, when she turns to her right and when she turns to her left” (see Isa. 30:21).

    “Please reassure her when she sees a thousand fall on her right side and ten thousand at her left; help her to know that if she follows You, it will not happen to her (see Ps. 91:7). Hide her under your protective wings.”

    “Help her to find the narrow path that will lead her to life, the abundant life you have for her and for her family. Lord, I pray for a testimony that you can use for Your glory when this troubled or broken marriage is healed and restored! We will give You all the honor and the glory. Amen.”

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