Prayer for the restoration of friendship, companionship and love with my lover and best friend

Almighty God, Thank you for all of the gifts in my life, for my family and for my friends. Thank you for all of the love that I share with my family and friends and for blessing me with a loving heart. Lord, I humbly pray to you now for the restoration of a very special relationship in my life. Lord, I fell in love with my best friend and he opened his arms to me. I felt abundantly joyful and grateful to have him in my life. Things moved too quickly between us Lord and he has taken a step back for fear and misunderstanding. I pray now Lord that we might return to our friendship and rebuild the love that was blooming between us. I pray that we can build a love and life together that honors the Love that you have for us. I pray that we can build a future together in your name and with your continued blessing.


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