Prayer for the restoration of a relationship

by @@@@@@ (Ky, USA)

Dear Lord, Please hear my prayer. My boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me 3 weeks ago now, and I am devastated. I believed that you sent him into my life as my one and only, and we talked all the time about marriage. We did have some problems to work out, but they weren’t anything that we couldn’t get through.

He had recently become more angry after recent concussions, and I had noticed a change. I am afraid that he is now out making bad decisions that can be detrimental to his future and who he is in his heart. He is a good guy at heart and I love him unconditionally. I truly believe that we are soul mates and that he was your gift to me.

Please Lord, send your spirit into his mind, heart and soul. Give him insight to remember how much we meant to each other over the last 3 years……we were great friends first, then loves. Give him the wisdom and courage to come back and reconcile with me. I love you Lord. Please grant this prayer. Amen