Prayer for the renewal of love

by Stan (Poland)

Dear Lord,

I humbly ask of you to allow the woman I love with all my heart to love me as she used to.
She has been stressed and depressed recently, so I prayed that her mood gets better even if at the cost of my own happiness. Some days later, she came over and said her feelings towards me are not the same anymore.

I have no doubt this was Your doing, as she left me exactly on our anniversary, though claimed she had only realized this the day before, when she had already made her mind. Thus, I know that my prayer has been answered… and my happiness crumbled, along with my life. But, my Lord, has it really been fulfilled yet? Has it helped her? Or has it just added guilt and more sadness to her life, as it seems from my perspective?

Dear Father, I know nothing of your plans towards us. If we are to live our lives separetely, then You shall make it so. At the same time I dare to hope that you might want something different from us… I dare to hope, and pray to You, my Father, that my true and only love will realize not only with her mind, but also with her heart and soul, that she is the most important person in my life and that she can be happy with me.

Please, my Lord, if that is Your will, cleanse her soul from guilt and foul thoughts that she is not capable of true love, and may this realization and reunion with me help her overcome her stresses and problems.

My heavenly Father, I dare to hope and pray that this be the way You were and are going to fulfill my earlier prayer. I beg You, unless there truly is no way she can be happy with me as she used to, renew her feelings towards me and allow us to share our lives with each other. And bless everyone who supports me in my prayer, whether it will be reflected in Your will or not.