prayer for the protection of my love

Lord heavenly father, I pray that you watch over my other half and bring him through this troubling time.

He is an a tough predicament at the moment and in a place where he should not be. He was put in trouble to cover up someone elses blame.

I pray to you lord in jesus’s name that you cover him in you blood and bring him close to you. The place where he is, is not his mistake. I understand dear lord that there is a lesson to be learnt from all of this as I know that you will not bring any burden onto him nor will you give him more than he can bear.

Release him from this dark place and open him up into bright lights.

Dear lord capture his heart and restore his faith. Bring him closer to you and guide him to the path which he was previous.

Lord give me the courage to be strong for myself and his family. We will get through this in Jesus’s name.

I leave this situation in your hands as I know you have the right answer and you are to the key to all success.

In Jesus name. AMEN

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