Prayer for the possibly abandoned

Dear lord,

You know my heart and what it has endured. Oh dear lord Jesus, in this moment I ask that you fill this void and empty situation with the blood of Christ and I ask at this time to activate each and every single promise within the bible within my life and within the heart and life of my unborn child’s father.

I declare with the authority given to me by Jesus Christ to cast out all thoughts and demons that would encourage dissension, division, fear, conflict, abandonment and a man not taking on the responsibility of the woman in which bears his unborn child. I ask that the Holy Spirit and you lord to speak to the heart of this man and empower him to do what is right and just by protecting me, nurturing me and loving me.

May every single word that has been spoken negatively find no place amongst his thoughts and may he guided by the desire in his heart to care for me, protect me and love our life together as parents. Lord, I cast out the demon of abandonment and I declare that this man will do what is right and he will assume responsibility of me as you know that I did not intend or provoke this and although I sinned, I trusted that this man would have the integrity to be with me and care for me and provide for me of anything were to ever happen. I also declare by the blood of Christ that our unborn child be loved and protected within my womb and that sickness, deformations and anything negative health wise find no place. I declare that he father of my unborn child will favour me and take mercy on me and love and care for me. I declare that we will be a family who will find love, joy and delight in serving you.

Please forgive us for our transgressions and I declare the restoration and unity of our love for one another!! I activate all proses for our family in the kingdom of god! In Jess’s name! Amen!

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