Prayer for the Pain in My Heart to Go Away

by Chelsea ()

I pray so God takes away my pain in my heart. Takes away the stress from college. Takes away the shyness I’ve carried with me forever. I pray so I can express myself so I can met new people in college new friends that will last a life time.To take away this fear that holds me back from being myself.

I want to be the best person I can be with you by my side . Help me with my relationship problems help us be what we once where and see each other how we once did. take away my sadness, these feelings of wanting to die or there is no meaning to my life and bring happiness.

All I ever looked for was happiness that same happiness inosent children have. Surround me with happiness God bring joy into my life when it feels like it’s all falling apart. Don’t abandon me Lord I need you and I know you know I would never loose my faith in you.

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