Prayer for The One that never leaves me behind

by Miecag (Mandaue City)

Hi Lord, Thank you for all the graces and blessings you’ve given me. From those times that I thought I was the only one in my battle, I’m sorry. From those times I thought You left me behind and I’m very sorry. Thank You for mending my broken heart and wiping my tears. I had broke Your heart a thousand times but still You always come at my aid. When I’m alone and darkness starts to fill me, You then light a candle that brightens my life. I love You Lord and I will always tell it for the rest of my Life. I did love You since the day I was born and love You even more although I cannot see You literally. My faith grows day by day and love You so much. I don’t know what are Your plans for me but I know that it is good. Maybe You’re putting many spices in my journey or many challenges on it but at the end of the day You are preparing something special for me. Lord, I just ask a greater understanding for everything and when I’m scared please let the wings of my angel hug me. I’m sorry Lord because I am Miecah but thank You Lord because I am Miecah. Please rule my heart and soul Lord, Thank YOu and Thy will be done. Amen

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